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Ideas 1:

Sit down dear, there's something we need to talk about-
I feel the anger starting to sprout.
You packed up your cigarettes, your suitcase and left-
That's a crime, a dirty theft
Wish you luck with the next girl on your list
Better watch out, or she'll get pissed-


Honey, what a cheat-
I'm that lady you can't beat-
At that stupid card game you play
Every single night and day.

Don't waste my time
Your name doesn't even rhyme-
You play at the club, rave all day-
Don't you have something to say?

You lie like a liar-
Fueling my fire
Worthless piece of shit-
Go die in a dirt pit.

Ideas 2:

Don't like this body, don't like this hair?
That's okay, because I've got flair.
Babe you're a liar, a handful of dirt.
Give up on the game, stop being a flirt.
Wanna bet? I'll kick you out the door
Before you can say, “sex store.”

You got your suitcase and left
Isn't that a dirty theft?
You walked out the door like it was nothing
It's our “relationshit,” your cutting.

Ideas 3:
This is just an idea of a song I wanted to make. I didn't know whether to call it "Suitcase," "Cigarettes," etc. Enjoy~~~
We were there,
Like Jack and Jill.
Hand in hand,
Walking along the sand.

Heart to heart,
Never to part.
I miss you,
Miss you, miss you.

Life is like this,
In my dreams,
Hand in hand,
Walking across the midnight sand.

Galaxies make up our bodies,
Stars fill up your eyes, your smile.
Arms of the Milky Way,
Stretching towards me, for miles and miles.

Dreams like this,
Make me feel so happy, less alone.
But when I wake up, and remember, 'twas a dream,
I feel depressed, and it's set as stone,
That Jack does not love Jill,
Down goes Jill, down the hill.

Just be friends, just be friends,
Friends forever 'till the end.
But what's to happen when one,
Disappears under the sun?

Are they done?

Strangers again,
Pressed the restart button.
Am I ready for this, then?
Breath in, don't cry.
Breathe out, sigh.

If I die young,
Remember to be happy,
For friendships' "forever,"
Can be severed.
By the knife of life.

It's funny how when you're dead,
People start listenin'.
But it's almost done,
Time to bow, tears start glistening.
Exit the stage, say goodbye.
Don't cry, baby, don't cry.
{Hi. I haven't written poems for a while. I hope this is okay.}

Depression can hit sudden,
Maybe it's gradual.
But it hits most,
And they try to act casual.

Sometimes it's hard to see they feel down,
But sometimes, they can't help but wear a frown.
Not really for a particular reason,
But that's the poison of depression, diagnosed season by season.

Days that pass by, seem like hell.
They all feel the same, so it's hard to tell.
They feel useless, not worth a thing,
Who knows what depression will bring.

There are ones who go through it fine,
But some aren't so lucky.
So if it's their funeral, be very kind.
For some lives aren't very happy-go-lucky.

Some people are overly happy,
Looking like sunshine, and rainbows,
But inside, it's not so sappy,
It's full of scars, hurt, and blows.

Some are always quiet,
They don't feel understood.
But I don't bite,
Come up to me, don't hide under that hood.

Some have it more than others, some have it less,
But it's our job, from right now, to let them feel not like a mess.
Comfort them, hug them when they feel sad,
Because that's what friends are for, that's the plan!

In society now, we need some help, a hand or more.
Day by day, more people lose this battle.
Walk up to their dark world, and open the sunny door.
Help them up to your shoulders, show them the way out,
Be their guide, be the route.
{Hi. I haven't written poems for a while. I hope this is okay.}
I don't know why,
But these days,
I feel like I can not go on any further.

Like I lost my motivation,
The only thing that kept me alive.
Like I can not feel anymore.

Like I'm fading.

Like that little dandelion that I saw yesterday,
Golden and strong.
I saw it again today,

Is that what will happen to me?

I want to become one with the stars.
Flying at the speed of light.
Thoughts like the galaxy.

What will become of me?
Even though I think I need help,
I feel something, that tells me not to,
For I am scared that things will get more complicated.

I heard the train whistle yesterday night.
I thought it would disappear, but
It's still there, mocking me.
Why do I hear these things?

Help me.

I feel like I'm holding onto invisible air.
Something that isn't there.

I need to know what is within me,
I need to find the key.

But I don't know where it is, what to do, who has it.

Please. If you see something.

My death needs to mean something.
I want to make a change.

So did the many other people who have left the world.
The transgenders,
People with disorders,

People who feel like no one understands, but wants to make a change all the same.

This weekend, I took a trip to Las Vegas for my cousin's white coat ceremony. On the streets, I saw clearly, how society works. We had people preaching of God and the Bible, and right next to them, were girls dressed in slutty uniforms and costumes, posing for men. I saw little kids getting pushed by their parents to dance in front of a drunk crowd for money. I saw drunk men and women, screaming at each other, throwing up poisonous words. How are we making a change? Are we setting a good example for the little kids and babies of the next generation??? Because we don't change, humans are doing the same thing. SOCIETY WON'T CHANGE.

Society will NEVER change, but you know what? I'm sacrificing my life, for those people misunderstood, and for the generations to come. I will die, along those souls who have tried to make a difference. I want to make an impact. Society won't change. Even kids at my middle school, they'll talk about how so-and-so had sex with so-and-so. How blank got drunk over the weekend. How blah-blah got sent with the police. How some kids got caught smoking weed and taking drugs after school. HOW DO WE EXPECT THE WORLD TO BE GREAT, WHEN TEENAGERS AND KIDS ARE TAKING DRUGS AND ARE HAVING SEX? WHEN OARENTS KEEP DRUGS HIDDEN IN THE BACK OF THEIR CABINETS??? That is what I call unbelievable. How? We are monsters. The "sane" seems like the insane. In this world, I do not know who are the people that are actually there to help me.

I see humans, but no humanity.

My name is Iris Kim to the public, Lynn to my friends, and LYNN BLUU to myself.

I'll die with the name Lynn.

Farewell, and I hope that the world will see this message and will quit. I don't care if they quit EVERYTHING. Quit the drugs, quit the smoking, quit the hitting, quit the violence, quit it. I know it will take time, but we better stop this soon, before mankind gets drunk over poison, or before teenagers cut until their blood takes over the Pacific Ocean.

P.S. Because society is such a piece of crap, more people are developing disorders, whether it is about their eating habits, how they look, how they see things, how people treat them, etc. I had this. I developed anxiety, so pressured that I felt panicked and it choked me. I was terrified when my teacher called on me. I waited for people to throw trash away, before I threw my own trash away. I had an eating disorder, throwing up and taking bottles of pills each day. I developed schizophrenia, or psychotic depression. I heard people, train whistles, I felt arms hug me when I was sad, I saw things. They were perfect. Maybe that happened, because I was so used to people being my “friends,” and then betraying me. It is society's job to make people feel better. WE NEED TO HELP EACH OTHER, FOR WE MAKE SOCIETY.

"If you put too much pressure on a person,
They tend to snap."


Sometimes, I eat a little bit of food,
But then I feel so full.
If I smell or see food,
I feel like throwing up.

"Every day you need, a bulletproof vest
To save yourself, from what you could never guess
Am I safe today?
When I step outside, in the wars we wage"
-Skillet; Rise

{This song, helps you see what society is like, and what I want,}

Everyday, we always need something to protect us,
From ourselves, from the wars we make.
It's our fault, as humans.

Am I safe???

It's our fault.
Sure, there are lots of people that blame the gun, the alcohol, the knife, etc.
But, that's just an excuse.

A gun can not hurt you, unless you pull the trigger.

It's my fault, and your fault

"Now I am about to take my last voyage, a great leap in the dark."
-Thomas Hobbes (English Philosopher and Mathematician)

nσ, thєч dσnt undєrѕtαnd...
{Hello everyone.....sorry for not being on for a while. I have been very busy these days, but I had enough time to make this-}

The Memories In This Sweater

{This poem can be used by both girl or boy. Please enjoy, for I tried my best.}
{The person you were meant to write this to, died in a car crash. More like the person was walking across the street, and got hit by a passing bus-}
{The last bit, a diary entry, is most likely a guy.}

With this fluffy sweater,
I think of you, and your eyes.
Those bright green shades of jade,
Winking and sparkling at me,
Like the bright sun,
Over the deep, blue sea.

This fluffy sweater,
Stitched with strings of love,
Strings of hope, happiness.
All of our hugs,
And kiss.

A collage of our memories,
Like a long photo strip.
Our laughter, our happiness, our smiles.
Those days, nights where we sat,
Hand in hand, thankful for-
How we were able to beat those miles.

How we were able to meet each other,
How we hugged like nothing can ever pull us apart,
How we swore never to leave each other,
How I can sense your love, your heart.

We had so many happy days, some sad, some okay.
We had little arguments, sure we did.
But you would always say,
"I love you, and I always will."

I had many things in mind for us,
Many things to do.
We can grow up together, arm in arm,
But one day, you did not come back.
I heard you were hit by a bus.

I had many things in mind for you,
So many things to do.
It was fortune for us to meet,
But fate was for you to leave.
It's my turn to leave, too.

But with my last breath,
I would use it to say,
"I love you."

October 24, 2013

It was a rainy day, and the road was slippery with the flood of tears from heaven above. The grass shined with dewdrops and rain, and I warned you to watch out when walking across the street, for on rainy days like this, drivers were not always aware of pedestrians. You smiled brightly, as bright as a sun, and you kissed me on the cheek lightly before saying a nice, "I love you." Always happy with this morning routine, I laughed and hugged her tightly, kissed your forehead, and ushered you out the door. Your laughter, your smile, your face, can make even the darkest days seem bright as heaven. I waited for what seemed like hours, but when I looked at the clock, not much time had passed. Something was wrong.I could feel it in my bones, and my heart. Something hit me, harsh and cold, then I immediately ran out the door, heading over to your work. But I was too late. There was a crowd of people, and with my heart sinking with each step, I elbowed my way through the crowd. I looked down, to see the pale, porcelain face, streaked with blood, and her body was unidentifiable. It was that bad. The driver of a truck was wringing his hat and wore the expression of a sorry, regretful look. "I am so sorry." That's all I remembered.

I woke up in the hospital, surrounded by doctors and nurses. "Thank god he's awake!!!" I heard them say. But God, I really wanted to die, right then and there, because even in their "happy" faces, I saw the look of dismay and sadness. They didn't want to tell me the news.They didn't want to say that she died. I felt my whole body fill with dread, I never knew someone could hurt so much. I wanted to feel you again, running your graceful hands through my hair, combing out the knots. Your soft, pink lips, peck against my cheek. Your soft, silky hair. Everything. I needed you, and without you, I could not go any longer. You are what drove me on, but without you here, I will not be here any longer.

If you found this letter, I will not be here.
The Memories In This Sweater
{I felt like I just had to write this today-}
{It was rainy....}
{And I felt lost.}

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K, as you all may know, I'm a girl....but I crossdress's not really anything weird, though....I wear guy pants, guy shirts, act like a guy, and put my hair in a hat.....that's all there is to it.....

except for one time, when my friends dared me to go to a concert, while crossdressing, which made a lot of girls start to flirt with me, and then I had to hide, cuz one girl tried to make

I still crossdress sometimes, but God.....stay away from concerts and crowds when you do's creepy.......


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